What we offer
Education for
  • Specialized classes designed to teach established dance instructors how to manage a class of students with special needs.

  • One on one training

  • Certificate of completion

  • With the experience and time spent on the road, we truly believe we have found a class structure that is engaging, stimulating, just plain fun for every kind of dancer and student. 

  • Opportunity for teachers and educators to practice new found education skills

  • Open to everyone and anyone the community 

  • 100% free to participate in

  • Instructors will  organize an end of workshop performance using the choreography they created with the students throughout the session.

  • Teachers and Parents should be invited to see the FREE performance and watch what the students have been working on with the academy

  • Donations accepted at the door.

  • An opportunity to students at the Academy to have face time with industry professionals who are teaching the session

  • A place to further education and expand on skills learned in the session

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